Tree and Shrub Plantings in East Meadow and Surrounding Communities

We can plant large and small trees and shrubsIn a heavily populated area like Long Island, New York, sometimes the only thing between us and our neighbors is greenery. Trees and shrubs can provide us with a buffer between our private lives and the outside world, letting us enjoy our outdoors without being on display for the world.

Beyond privacy, a real joy can be had from watching the changes in the season as seen through the changes in your plantings. Watching buds breaking in spring, giving way to colorful blooms and scents can be a life-affirming event. The full, thick leaf canopy of a mature Maple or Oak can provide cool comfort on hot Nassau county summer days. And the color of Autumn might a fond reminder of childhood and a new school year, or you might relive those days through the eyes of your children, as they laugh and play through piles of raked leaves.

Whether you'd like to have the immediate results of large caliper trees, or the savings realized from smaller plantings, we've had decades-long relationships with the best nurseries on Long Island, and are able to bring the greatest variety and quality of plant material to your Zone 6 Nassau yard. Planted using the most horticulturally sound practices in existence today, our woody plants are guaranteed for a full year from the date of installation.

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