Tree and Shrub Pruning and Trimming

We've been pruning and trimming landscape plantings in East Meadow and greater Nassau County for three decades, using the most horticulturally sound practices available, to keep your property's landscape in pristine condition. Form and function work in concert in our pruning work, maintaining and often improving the health of your plantings, while also making aesthetic improvements in your prized trees and shrubs. A pruning and trimming program will keep diseased or dead wood from spreading, will manage shapr and size of your plantings.

After numerous requests from our Long Island customers for twice-a-year pruning and trimming, we're proud to offer this service to all of our clients. Whether your landscape is only in need of a single, annual visit to maintain the health and beauty of your plantings, or you'd prefer we visit your property twice per year to prune and trim, we can accommodate you. Contact us to schedule an initial meeting today!

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