Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lights set in a stone wall.Would you like to feel safer when pulling into your own driveway, or walking to your front door? Would you like to extend the hours you can use your outdoor spaces? Would you like to be able to enjoy the beauty of your investment in your landscaping, day or night? Low voltage lighting in your landscape can help you do all three:


Landscape lighting can be used to spread light over pathways, making it easier for visitors to travel from your driveway to your front door, without having to fear stepping on expensive plants in your landscape, or tripping over a child's misplaced toy. Lighting can illuminate those dark corners and recesses in your yard, making your property less of a target for potential criminals - they'd have no place to hide.

Extended Hours of Fun in your Backyard

When it gets warm on Long Island, nothing's better than sitting out on the patio, enjoying a beverage as the sun goes down. After it goes down, nothing gives you the sense of truly "outdoor rooms" as low voltage lighting does. Downlighting can be installed on structures and in trees, masking the light source, yet providing ample lighting to play cards with friends or read a book. Your backyard can be a bright, inviting place to host parties or dine with friends.

Enjoy the Beauty of your Landscape, Day or Night

The play of light against dark on a landscape at night can take the same plant material and hardscapes you're familiar with in the day and turn them into a very different visual at night. The details of delicate branches can be highlighted. Views of features of your home can be strengthened with focused beams of light, making them jump to the fore in the night sky. We are proud to use landscape lighting products made by Hadco, Kichler, Nightscaping and FX Luminaire.

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