Landscape Design

Color, texture and scent. These are a few of the tools used to develop a successful landscape design. We've done extensive study into the design styles of the Far East, Europe, Australia, Polynesia and even those styles native to the United States, including those styles seen in the more tropical parts of the country, as well as the xeriscaping styles of the southwest. We've taken those years of study and landscape design appreciation and brought them to the residents of East Meadow, New York, and the rest of Nassau County.

With this design skillset as a backdrop, our first meeting will include discussion about your tastes and style. We'll want to know how you use your outdoor spaces, and how you like to feel when you're enjoying a Nassau County summer day. Or even how you want your landscaped yard to provide comfort and warmth during a cold, Long Island winter. Are you a sun-worshipper or do you prefer tuck yourself under a shady tree? Once we've gathered enough information about your likes and dislikes, your style and tastes, we can create a design just for you and your outdoor space.

But that can only happen if you contact us.