Brick Pavers

Brick PavingIn Nassau County and the rest of New York State, the methodologies set by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) play an important part in a successful paver project. And while the standards they've set help to ensure a you'll have a durable brick paver project for years to come, we've developed some enhanced installation methods to further improve on ICPI's beginnings.

Whether your needs and tastes call for the classic look of a clay paver brick or the improved durability of a concrete brick paver, Genesis can build a paver hardscape you'll marvel.

Tumbled Pavers

Tumbled, rumbled, antiqued or weathered - concrete and clay pavers that have been distressed to give them an old-world look can add a dimension of character to your outdoors. The process is simple: take pallets of brick pavers and place them in a large drum (much like cement mixers found on concrete delivery trucks), spin the drum, churning the brick against each other. Corners of the pavers are nipped off, edges get rounded and the faces are scratched. But once they're emptied from the mixer, they look like stones you might find in a Roman Forum, people of the city milling about the city center, their sandals wearing on those stones for hundreds of years.

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